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Back Pain Relief

Considered a neurological disorder that remains a close second to the common headache as the most reported pain condition, back pain needs to be professionally assessed before initiating a treatment plan. When serious medical problems such as spinal stenosis, herniated disc or even a tumorous growth is causing back pain, more aggressive procedures are necessary to prevent worsening of the pain as well as the condition.

When back pain is the result of strain, overly vigorous physical activity or some other non-emergency health issue, these popular backache remedies may provide relief for people who do not want to take medications that produce gastrointestinal side effects:

Acupuncture--it is thought that acupuncture releases opioids (pain-reducing chemicals) that are naturally produced by the body. Some research also indicates that by inserting needles in specific areas of the body, neurochemical signals are relayed to the sympathetic nervous system that further stimulates release of analgesic hormones.

Therapeutic massage--massage therapy has been increasing in popularity as a form of alternative medicine and is now being seriously researched for its potential benefits concerning back pain relief as well as relief for numerous other medical conditions.

Chiropractic treatment--chiropractors are trained to manipulate the spine in ways that alleviate pain and inflammation by restoring joint mobility. By applying a controlled, firm force of action on affected joints, chiropractors may be able to reduce back pain in patients who have tried several other treatment programs without success.

Nutritional therapy--back pain, especially in the elderly, may be the consequence of lacking sufficient amounts of vitamin D, vitamin B12 and magnesium in the body. A B12 deficiency can also cause cognitive difficulties and depression unless reversed by eating a healthy diet or taking supplements.

Herbal therapy--certain herbs are thought to contain anti-inflammatory ingredients powerful enough to relieve back pain. For example, an herb called white willow bark provides salicin, a compound similar to aspirin that reduces inflammation without causing the nausea and stomach acidity that many people experience when taking aspirin.

Yoga--most of us do not get enough daily exercise due to jobs that force us to sit more than four or five hours every day. Sitting too much is one of the top reasons for suffering lower back pain, a problem easily rectified by performing simple yoga stretching exercises. In addition to gently stretching tight, strained muscles, yoga also increases flexibility and enhances overall health by supplying ligaments, muscles and tendons with sufficient amounts of oxygen and blood.

Although these remedies can provide back pain relief in varying degrees, they may not eliminate pain fully or expeditiously. For quick, long-term relief of lower back discomfort, Ateevia Botanica anti-flammatory cream works powerfully but safely to give you the pain relief you want when you need it.

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