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How to Relieve the Pain of Bursitis

Elbows contain a fluid-filled sac called the bursa that acts to cushion the sensitive area between the skin and bone. Inflammation and swelling due to an increase in fluid often occurs when the bursa is traumatized or irritated due to injury, infection, gout or rheumatoid arthritis. As a result, bursitis produces painful and sometimes debilitating symptoms such as a burning sensation, stiffness of the elbow joint and occasionally shoulder pain if the bursitis is severe.

Relief from bursitis discomfort may be found in one or more of the following suggestions:
Resting the elbow often by laying the arm on a soft cloth and avoiding the placement of any pressure on the elbow. If possible, elevate the elbow above your heart while resting it. Stacking several pillows on top of each other is a good way to alleviate bursitis symptoms
Applying an ice pack every two or three hours for about 15 minutes helps reduce swelling and pain
Wrapping the elbow in an Ace bandage tight enough to provide support but not tight enough to inhibit blood flow to the elbow
Medications such as NSAIDS will reduce pain and swelling. However, taking NSAIDS frequently causes heartburn, stomachache and gastrointestinal problems in many people
As an effective and fast-acting alternative, Ateevia Botanica can relieve the pain and inflammation of bursitis without generating any negative side effects. Massaging the natural oils and extracts contained in the cream directly onto affected elbows will reduce swelling, stiffness and pain quickly and effectively
Doctors may choose to "aspirate" the excess fluid in the elbow's bursa. An examination of the fluid is often necessary to determine whether an infection exists that may be exacerbating the bursitis. Antibiotics can then be prescribed if something other than bursitis is affecting the elbow
Receiving one or two cortisone shots directly into the elbow helps some people control bursitis

Severe cases of bursitis may require surgical removal of the bursa. An overnight stay in the hospital is usually needed to make sure bleeding is controlled and no signs of infection occur. Surgical excision of bursa stimulates growth of a new bursa that may or may not experience bursitis in the future.

Rehabilitative physical therapy will strengthen elbows suffering bursitis and may also prevent the need for surgery. While waiting for the bursa to heal so that the elbow is strong enough to undergo physical therapy, massage Ateevia Botanica into the elbow several times each day to feel continuous relief from the pain of bursitis.

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