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Relieving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Naturally

When the hands and fingers are routinely engaged in repetitive actions that insist on improperly placing them in positions causing extreme pressure on the median nerve, carpal tunnel syndrome may result that can restrict movement and cause pain, stiffness and numbness. Underneath the wrist lies a narrow pathway constructed of ligaments and bones through which the median nerve passes through. Originating near the shoulder area, the median nerve is one of several nerves running through the human arm for the purpose of sensation, feeling and strength.

Nonsurgical and surgical treatments are available to alleviate the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome. Surgery is recommended only for people at risk for suffering nerve damage or who have had carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms for a long time and have no other options. However, nearly 98 percent of people diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome find relief by avoiding the repetitive motions that caused the condition in the first place and taking NSAIDS to alleviate inflammation and pain.

Natural methods of eliminating carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms have also proved highly effective, such as:

By inserting tiny needles into specific points on the body, acupuncturists claim this releases "meridian" blockages, or impediments within energy pathways that prevent the body from receiving the full benefits of this energy. Alternately, physicians assert that acupuncture may work to decrease pain by promoting blood circulation and releasing neurotransmitters such as endorphins that naturally diminish pain and inflammation.

Similar in principle to acupuncture but without using needles, acupressure involves a specialist applying prolonged pressure to points on the body using his or her fingertips. Intended to improve blood flow to parts of the body that are affected by painful disorders, acupressure is also employed to relieve a variety of physical as well as emotion problems.

Vitamin B6 Supplementation
Research into the benefits of B6, a nutrient involved with maintaining good nerve functioning, as a remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome indicates that subjects diagnosed with CTS who had higher B6 levels than other subjects included in the studies experienced much less pain, stiffness and numbness. In addition, eating more brown rice, chicken, potatoes, bananas and avocados may help relieve carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms since these foods contain rich amounts of B6.

Unfortunately, people suffering from CTS may not feel the effects of using these methods meant to eliminate nerve compression pain for several days following initiation of the treatment. If you want to experience the quickest relief possible, a topical analgesic is needed that can be applied directly to the fingers, hand and wrist. Ateevia Botanica provides this kind of effective, rapid pain relief by integrating natural phytonutrients capable of inhibiting inflammatory activity into a rich cream that is safe to use several times a day.

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