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Long Term Happiness and Arthritis

Arthritis, which is inflammation around the joints, is a fairly ubiquitous diagnosis in the United States, particularly among aging generations. Although arthritis can be extremely painful and debilitating, particularly long term, its effects can be curbed by keeping your focus on living life, rather than living arthritis.

As with many diagnoses, arthritis has the potential to worm its way into the mind, convincing the sufferer that life must now be all about the disease. However, this type of mentality leads to much more suffering than the pain of arthritis alone would offer. Rather than give themselves over to the disease, it’s integral that patients instead continue to do the things they love in life.

For some, this may mean running around the yard with a pet or with grandchildren. For others, this may mean cooking a delicious meal for family members or friends. A diagnosis of arthritis does not need to mean that these activities must be abandoned. Rather, it is possible that these activities may still be enjoyed, albeit in slightly altered patterns.

Take the example of cooking, for instance. There are some habits we have around cooking that may indeed cause increased pain to the joints. Peeling potatoes by hand, for example. It’s how mom did it, it’s how grandma did it, and it’s how great-grandma did it. So, it’s how we do it. But why? Will the potatoes taste the same should we use an electric peeler? Yes, of course they will. Although converting some of your manual kitchen tools to electric ones may require a bit of an upfront investment, the longterm effects may be invaluable. Not pressuring your joints with menial tasks will save you the energy and comfort to do the things that count, like mixing the ingredients and putting that special touch on your recipes that your family has come to know and love.

We can think of the rest of the home in similar terms to the electric potato peeler. Your house does not need to go the way of clutter just because of your diagnosis. Instead, be wise about where you place particular items. Tailor your home to the you that you are today, not the you that you were twenty-five years ago. If the washing machine isn’t in a convenient place, move it. If you want to be able to make up the guest room when the kids visit, keep the spare blankets and sheets in a closet or drawer that is easy for you to access without straining yourself.

Pacing yourself, in any activity, is also a practice that should be adopted in a life with arthritis. Burning yourself out will not only cause pain, but it will breed discouragement. If you do too much too fast, it will be easier to slip into a belief system that is built around the word “can’t”. Keep in mind that even if your joints are hurting, the rest of your body -- and mind -- still wants to thrive. Honor that desire the best you can.

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