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Relieving Lower Back Pain

For most people, exercising while suffering a backache is the last thing they want to do but performing moderate physical activity may actually help reduce lower back pain by stimulating release of endorphins. Naturally created by the body and serving to inhibit pain signals from reaching the brain, endorphins are rapidly manufactured during moderate exercise as blood is pumped into all areas of the body for an extended period. Even walking at a brisk pace for 15 minutes provides enough exercise for endorphins to alleviate back pain as well as a host of other conditions like headache, anxiety and depression.

Nearly 75 percent of people with chronic lower back pain also experience insomnia or other sleep disorder that prevents them from receiving a sufficient amount of restorative sleep. Insomnia is detrimental to all physiological systems and directly exacerbates any existing medical condition affecting the person with insomnia. Many insomniacs lie in bed much longer than necessary in a desperate attempt to sleep, causing muscles to stiffen from stress and inactivity. Fortunately, insomnia can be successfully treated with medication, learning relaxation techniques, adjusting the environment of the bedroom and receiving psychological counseling if insomnia is related to undiagnosed depression.

Stretching your hamstrings twice a day often helps reduce lower back pain in individuals who have desk jobs or do not exercise enough. Hamstring muscles extend along the back of your upper legs and will put unnecessary stress on your sacroiliac joint and lower back if not kept flexible and healthy. A simple hamstring stretch exercise consists of a person lying on the floor near a door frame, raising the right leg until the right heel is resting against the wall and slowly straightening the leg until the person feels the hamstring muscle stretching.

Learning visual distraction/imagery techniques involves enhancing your cognitive skills in order to displace attention away from the pain and onto something more pleasant. By focusing the brain on positive images and thoughts, many people find the severity of their lower back pain lessens considerably. Listening to meditation music, watching a favorite show or painting are a few activities that interfere with the demands of back pain and allows our attention to be consumed by something more enjoyable.

In research studies, laughing has been proved to stimulate production of T-cells, the body's natural answer to synthetic antibiotics. In addition, sustained laughter also decreases the amount of stress hormones, specifically cortisol, epinephrine, growth hormone and dopac, existing in the body. Lower back pain is frequently the consequence of chronic stress and having abnormally high levels of these hormones in the blood. By indulging in a good, hearty laugh several times a day, people with lower back pain may experience less inflammation and more flexibility in their back muscles and spine.

Using natural botanicals is another overlooked treatment method for lower back pain. Ateevia has perfected this type of treatment by clinically researching anti-inflammatory botanicals such as safflower, pumpkin and sunflower to create one of the most powerful pain relief creams available. By incorporating lignans, oleic acids, flavenoids and antioxidants, Ateevia offers the convenience of a cream that inhibits molecules responsible for back pain and spine inflammation. Once absorbed into the skin, Ateevia's natural ingredients immediately begin attacking inflammation at the site of the pain.

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