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Symptoms and Causes of Temporal Myalgia Headaches

Unlike migraine, cluster or sinus headaches, temporal myalgia headaches occur when muscle injury, muscle inflammation or viral infection is the primary cause of the pain. Temporomandibular joint disorders, or disorders affecting the muscles that connect the skull to the jawbone, are another frequent cause of temporal myalgia headaches. Branching out from the neck's carotid artery and extending into the temple, the temporal artery creates throbbing sensations of pain when it is inflamed due to muscle stress from one or more of these conditions.

Signs of a Temporal Myalgia Headache
Pulsating pain in the neck, jaw or head
Areas of sensitivity when touched
Low-grade fever
Reduced appetite
Blurry vision
Possible joint stiffness if pain travels into the neck area from the head

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
When temporal myalgia arises from functional or structural abnormalities in the joint and muscles comprising the hinge-connection between the skull and lower jaw (an area just in front of each ear), individuals affected by this condition will experience symptoms such as difficulty opening the mouth, pain while chewing, ear pain, stiff jaw and neck ache.

Treatment for temporal myalgia headaches caused by TMJ involves resting the jaw by avoiding hard-to-chew foods, reducing muscle spasms by applying ice or heat, taking NSAIDS and accepting cortisone injections into the area between the skull and lower jaw. Sometimes occlusion therapy or surgical correction of dental or bone abnormalities may be required in more serious cases of TMJ.

Coping with Recurring Temporal Myalgia Headaches
When the throbbing pain of a temporal myalgia headache suddenly strikes, reach for Ateevia Botanica's PRIME Therapy cream to experience long-term relief from the discomfort of temporal artery inflammation. Powerful phytonutrients deeply penetrate into aching muscles to soothe irritated temporal muscles so that pain is eliminated without needing to take NSAIDS or having to wait to visit the doctor for painful cortisone injections.

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