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Tendonitis Overview

Muscles remain attached to your bones via tendons, tough ropes of tissue that facilitate movement and assist muscles in moving joints and bones. Because we use our muscles for just about any type of physical activity, tendons are more susceptible to overuse and inflammation more than ligaments, which are tissues that connect one bone to another.

What Causes Tendonitis
Tendonitis occurs when we demand too much from tendons without letting these tough but fallible tissues time to rest and repair strained fibrous tissue. Because of their location (such as the rotator cuff and Achilles tendon), some tendons do not receive the ample blood supply that others receive. Blood flow is essential to nourishing tissues so when vulnerable tendons are injured, tendonitis may develop as the body attempts to effect repairs.

Professional athletes and avid exercisers commonly experience tendonitis in the elbows, shoulders and knees. Other causes include:
Resting the elbow often by laying the arm on a soft cloth and avoiding the placement of any pressure on the elbow. If possible, elevate the elbow above your heart while resting it. Stacking several pillows on top of each other is a good way to alleviate bursitis symptoms
Applying an ice pack every two or three hours for about 15 minutes helps reduce swelling and pain
Wrapping the elbow in an Ace bandage tight enough to provide support but not tight enough to inhibit blood flow to the elbow
Medications such as NSAIDS will reduce pain and swelling. However, taking NSAIDS frequently causes heartburn, stomachache and gastrointestinal problems in many people
As an effective and fast-acting alternative, Ateevia Botanica can relieve the pain and inflammation of bursitis without generating any negative side effects. Massaging the natural oils and extracts contained in the cream directly onto affected elbows will reduce swelling, stiffness and pain quickly and effectively
Doctors may choose to "aspirate" the excess fluid in the elbow's bursa. An examination of the fluid is often necessary to determine whether an infection exists that may be exacerbating the bursitis. Antibiotics can then be prescribed if something other than bursitis is affecting the elbow
Receiving one or two cortisone shots directly into the elbow helps some people control bursitis

Unless the affected area is treated with ice, rest and elevation, tendonitis could persist for several weeks, with pain and swelling worsening following use of the muscles and joints. Elbows and shoulders experiencing tendonitis may benefit from the individual wearing a sling to avoid rapid, rough movements that could extend repair time. However, people wearing splints or slings should remember to gently move the joint periodically to prevent extreme stiffening of the joint, a condition known as "frozen" joint.

Pain Relief Options for Tendonitis
While you are waiting for tendons to repair themselves, you can take NSAIDs for pain relief or try over the counter analgesic creams for temporary alleviation of pain. Often, these treatments produce skin and stomach irritations that do little to ease the pain while adding other health problems to the pain of the tendonitis. Fortunately, Ateevia Botanical pain relief cream provides natural, non-irritating relief from tendonitis discomfort quickly and effectively without the side effects of harsh, synthetic pain relievers.

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