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What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is the colloquial term for an overuse injury occurring to the elbow that causes pain when the arm is extended. People affected by "lateral epicondylitis" (the medical term for tennis elbow) may also experience a weakened grasp that prevents them from securely grabbing onto smaller items.

Due to engaging the forearm and/or wrist in repetitive motions associated with manual labor (carpenters, plumbers, construction/painting or physical activity (golfing, tennis, baseball), people may develop tennis elbow when tendons attached to the elbow become inflamed and start to degenerate as a result of continued, excessive stretching and stressing of the tendons and muscles comprising the elbow joint.

How is Tennis Elbow Diagnosed?
Since x-rays do not show anything wrong in elbows suffering repetitive injury, doctors will make a diagnosis by physically examining the elbow and assessing symptoms experienced by the patient. In addition to pain and soreness around the elbow, people with tennis elbow often feel pain when the wrist is bent backwards or on the back of the hand if the fingers and/or hand is used in a twisting motion.

Tennis Elbow Treatments
In addition to wrapping the elbow in an Ace bandage or using a splint to keep the elbow still, treatment measures include:
Using a heating pad
Cortisone injections into the elbow
Taking NSAIDS for pain and inflammation
Visiting a physical therapist

The majority of tennis elbow cases heal by themselves using one or more of these treatment methods. Occasionally, when nerve damage occurs in addition to tendon degeneration, surgery may be necessary to relieve entrapment of nerves that have become compressed by severely inflamed tendons and muscles.

Preventing Tennis Elbow
Effective ways to prevent tennis elbow involve avoiding certain activities that are conducive to tennis elbow, strengthening arm muscles, eating healthy and staying in general good health. If you must participate in repetitive motions, wearing a supportive brace, or "counterforce" brace may alleviate stress on tendons, nerves and muscles comprising the elbow.

Because pain from tennis elbow may take several weeks to subside and the usual treatments may not relieve much of the pain and discomfort, applying Ateevia Botanica two or three times a day to the affected elbow can quickly eliminate soreness and stiffness. By treating overused tendons with naturally created phytonutrients containing natural analgesic properties, people who suffer from tennis elbow do not have to suffer side effects commonly associated with NSAIDS and painful cortisone injections.

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